Winners of Past Competitions

2019 NTDTV’s Fifth International Figure Painting Competition Winners

Category Painting Artist
Gold Award "April 25, 1999" Haiyan Kong (Hong Kong)
Silver Award "Spreading the Truth" Chiao Yin Cheng (Taiwan)
"Unmoved Under Immense Pressure" Chin Chun Liu (Taiwan)
"Plum Blossoms in a Muddy World" Xiangyang Sun (China)
Bronze Award "Birds of the Air, Grass of the Field" Lauren Tilden (United States)
"Self Portrait Preparing for Worship" Joseph Daily (United States)
"Plum in the Snow" Shi Ju Chiang (Taiwan)
Humanity&Culture Award "Milena's Friends" Clodoaldo Martins (Brazil)
"Unmoved" Loc Duong (Vietnam)
"Between Generations" Pablo Roque (Peru)
"Worldly Journey" Yu Hsuan Lin (Taiwan)
Technique Award "Child Fighter" Philippe Lhuillier (France)
"Eat and Not Be Eaten" Jesús Inglés Canalejo (Spain)
"Yin and Yang" Sandra Kuck (United States)
Youth Award "Poached Egg" Junhao Su (China)
"The Ideal Fairyland of New Species" Yuan Heng Sung (Taiwan)
"Miracle" Cen Fang (Taiwan)
Honorable Mention "Making Up" Cheng Che Lin (Taiwan)
"Make America Great Again" David Liao (China)
"Paint in Chinatown " Yan KamLim (United States)
"The Moroccan Merchant" Pavel Sokov (Canada)
"Dominique in Blue" Leszek Piotrowski (Poland)
"East Port at 10:10 AM" Lin Mu Chang (Taiwan)
"Diogenes, Seeing a Boy Drinking from His Hand, Throws away His Cup" Luciano Regoli (Italy)
"Grandfather" John Darley (United States)
"Agony in the Garden" Eric Armusik (United States)
"Wetlands" Bing Weng (China)
"Praying for the Future" Christopher Zhang (United States)
"Old Man Smoking Pipe" Christopher Zhang (United States)
"Yunus" Yunus Subaşı Yunus (Turkey)
"Hamcheese II" Marissa Oosterlee (Netherlands)
"Violence" Tina Garrett (United States)
"Spirit of India" Anand PKC (India)
"The Secret" Jennifer Gehr (Switzerland)
"David" Peters Kim (Canada)
"Maria's Wish" Joseph Daily (United States)
"Before the Rooster Crows" Angelo Marco Salmoiraghi (Italy)
"Nina in Summer" Linda Reynolds (United States)
"Little angel" Shuyuan Zhu (China)
"The Pause" Ken Goshen (United States)
"Sosiego" Lius Alvares Roure (United States)
"A Dafa Disciple at the Moment of Organ Harvesting" Hung Yu Chen (Taiwan)
"On Jinshui Bridge" Cen Fang (Taiwan)
"Indestructible" Tzu Hsuan Chen (Taiwan)
"Great Kids" Syun Fang (Taiwan)
"Leaving" Yu Jung Liu (Taiwan)
"Calling on Tiananmen Square" Yi Tung Lai (Taiwan)
"Angel" Penny Zhou (China)
"Inseparables" Amaya Corbacho Martin (Spain)
"Niamh" Sheridan McDonald (Australia)
"Upside Down" Li Hung Yang (Taiwan)
"July 20 - The Evil Persecution Started" Yu Hsuan Lin (Taiwan)
"Determined Heart" Jun Bounthong (Laos)
"Focusing" Louice Chen (Taiwan)
"Edelweiss" Wei Ni Chen (Taiwan)
"Inheritance" Matthew James Collins (United States)
"Watch the Emptiness" Apelles Zhou (United States)
"Rhapso" Matthew James Collins (United States)
"Portrait of Hannah" Jesus Emmanuel Villarreal (United States)
"Hideout" Robel Solomon (Eritrea)
"Mom & Dad " Menachem Edelman Landau (Israel)
"Dynasty" Jose de Jesus Villarreal (Venezuela)
"Egyptian Mathematics" Arthur Haywood (United States)
"In My Father's Eyes" Jeanne Boivin (France)
"Right Track" Manveet Saluja (United States)
"The Dhol Player" Manveet Saluja (United States)

2014 NTDTV’s Fourth International Figure Painting Competition Winners

Category Painting Artist
Silver Award "Joyfully Climbing Heaven's Ladder" Jing Wang (China)
"Allegra's Portrait as Ballerina" Gabriel Picart (Spain)
"Unmovable Faith" Ben Le (China)
"Yvonne" Sandra Kuck (United States)
Bronze Award "Beautiful Behind - Prison Slave Labor Products" Huimin Wang (China)
"Violin Repair Shop" Max Ferguso (United States)
"Self Portrait" Huomu Chen (Taiwan)
"Forever Playing" Clement Kwan (Canada)
"Agnes" Leszek Piotrowski (Poland)
Honorable Mentions "The Look " Jose de Jesus Villarreal (United States)
"Silent" Cedric Yiu (Hong Kong)
"Wish of the Earth" Fang Ching Hsu (Taiwan)
"The Hope of Youth" Helene Beland (Canada)
"My Father" Bei Tsui (Taiwan)
"Remembering" Susan Blackwood (United States)
"Esther Preparing to be Queen" Mary Phillips (United States)
"Girl in Red" Paula (Jo) Sherwood (United States)
"The Elder" Paula (Jo) Sherwood(United States)
"Conquest of the Saintly" Parminder Atwal (India)
Technique Winner "White Dow" Mao Xin (China)
Humanity Winners "Generations" Zongya Shi (Taiwan)
"Wish" Haiyan Kong (Hong Kong)
"Girls" Daniel Murri (United States)
"Snow" Qiuyan Hao (China)
"Unconditional Love" Kim Myerson (South Africa)

2011 NTDTV’s Third Chinese International Figure Painting Competition Winners

Category Painting Artist
Gold Award "My Mom" Michelle Chen
"Determination under Persecution" Qing Xin
Silver Award "Who Am I" Nelson Dong
"Be Prepared" Shang Ta Yeh
Bronze Award "Girl and Her Kitten" Hai Ou Hou
"Obtain the Fa" Yu Pei Hsu
"Growth" Paul Wu
Honorable Mentions "Root" Jung Hsin
"Youth in Tianguo Band" Yuan Li
"Everything Collapsed, Expect the Banners" Hong Zan
"Moment in the Music" Ju Ku Hsiang
"Tranquility, and Cleanness" Yu Ju Yang
"Lovely Obedient Goats" Hanna
"Resume Traditional Arts" Chia Ju
"Father" Zi Qiao
"Arrival at Museion" Tsui Hua Yan

2009 NTDTV’s Second Chinese International Figure Painting Competition Winners

Category Painting Artist
Gold Award "Shock" Michelle Chen (Canada)
Silver Award "Imprisoned Dafa Practitioners" Yuan Li (Japan)
"Old Woman Who Patches Clothes" Way Wei (Taiwan)
Bronze Award "My Wife" Jianjiang Guo (Taiwan)
"Concentrate" Tsui Hua Yang (Taiwan)
"The Hermit" Yu Ru Yang (Taiwan)
Honorable Mentions "Lotus" Qing Xin (China)
"Chanting" Zhu Feng (United States)
"The Shepherd Boy" Wenduris (China)
"Threshold – Dream" Yu Gong (China)
"Having Fish Every Year" Chin Hsien Lin (Taiwan)
"Tears of Compassion" Xi Qiang (United States)
"Oriental Rhyme" Jia Pu (China)
"A Generation of Love" Yen Hsi Fu (Taiwan)
"The Death of Gao Rongrong" Jing Wang (Japan)
"Return to Your True Self" Chong Qi Yao (United States)
"Lady With A Pitcher" Joe Hing Lowe (United States)
"Naxi Ancient Music" Gu Yue (China)

2008 NTDTV’s First Chinese International Figure Painting Competition Winners

Category Painting Artist
Gold Award "Suffering in China" Yuan Li (Japan)
Silver Award "Tibetan Boy" Yiming Fan (China)
"New Dress" Yi Zhen (China)
Bronze Award "Drum Girl" Zhandong Yan (China)
"Girl and Petal" Ru Bin (China)
"Dignity" Xi Qiang (United States)
Honorable Mentions "First Prayer Lesson" Lefu Gu (United States)
"Return" Jing Wang (Japan)
"Mother Expecting Her Son Back" Tsung Ya Shin (Taiwan)
"Lady in Red" Mi Sheng (China)
"Pleasant Night" Fu Kan (United States)
"Hada" "Hada"
"Scent of History" Daoyuan Guo (Canada)
"The Divine Light" Yu Ru Yang (Taiwan)
"Light of Blessing" Guang Xian (China)
"In Red Dragon Robe" Joe Hing Lowe (United States)
"Childhood" Chin Shing Kuo (Taiwan)
"My Father" Sheng Yang Lee (Taiwan)
"Picking Rice" Julee Yang (Taiwan)
"Purity" Zi Wei (United States)
"Divine Journey" Ren Liu (China)