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Awarded Works of The 3rd "Chinese International Figure Painting Competition"



Awarded Works of The 2nd "Chinese International Figure Painting Competition"



Awarded Works of The 1st "Chinese International Figure Painting Competition"


2011 NTD 3rd International Chinese Figure Painting Competition Finalists

(Sorted according to the sequence of registration; Nov 13th, 2011)

NTD Television’s Third International Chinese Figure Painting Competition has received over one hundred and forty submissions from North America, Asia, Europe and Australia since the end of last year.  As the result, fifty paintings were selected into the final round by the Panel of Judges.

All fifty works of the finalists will be exhibited at the Salmagundi Art Club of Manhattan from November 28th to December 3rd, 2011. The Opening and Award Ceremony will be held on November 28th. You are all welcome to enjoy these excellent paintings.

     Salmagundi Art Club
     47 Fifth Avenue
     New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.

Selyee His Story
Hong Zan Everything Collapsed, Except the Banners
Michelle Xiao My Grandmother
Xin Lian Divine Predestined-Relationship
BEN LI Crystal Lotus
Nelly Wang Little Fans of SHENYUN
Hanna Lovely & Obedient Goats
Lisa Xu Lady of Lotus
Zi Qiao Father
Zi Qiao Lovely Yard
Paul Wu Growth
Jia-Hui Yin Portrait of the Little Ones
Ping Charlton Chen Wait in Hope
Min Shiou Wu Study Fa with Tranquil Heart
Chia Ju Resume Traditional Arts
Sin Bee Lee Float
Hai-Ou Hou Girl and Her Kitten
Nelson Dong Who Am I
Shang-Ta Yeh Be Prepared
Jung-Hsin Wei Root
Jung-Hsin Wei Bright Smile
Ho Hsien Tang The Age of Innocence
Fang Ching Hsu Love
Xiao Mei Lin Girl With Kite
Michelle Chen My Mom
Michelle Chen Light in the Night
Michelle Chen Stirred by Song
Xiao Hong Lin The Cobbler
Shui Mu Pure Lotus
Chileung Yiu King of an Art Studio
Chileung Yiu World of A3 Size
Wei Han Liao A Low-Key Person
Wei Han Liao A Native Taiwanese Girl
Feng Wu Thinking
Qiu Shi Young Ziwei
Ju-ku Hsiang Moment in the Music
Yu-pei Hsu Obtain the Fa
Tsui-Hua Yang Arrive at Museion
Tsui-Hua Yang Sincerity
Jo-Ching Kuan Bubbles of Time
Tien-Huai Su Dignity of Dafa Practitioner under Persecution
Ping-Yi Chen Determined
Kuan-Huan Chen Great Kindness and Forbearance
Yuan Li Youth in Tianguo Band
LiChuan Lin Study the Fa Whole-Heartedly
Chien Yi Chang Warm Winter
Yu Ju Yang Tranquility, and Cleanness
Hsu Chung Chiu A Fresh Day
Jiu Li Yang Love of Grandparent and Grandchild
Hu Ting Portrait of Mr. Park Chansoo
Qing Xin Determination under Persecution